Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 7-8

Day 8- June 6 - 32,4 km - Najerra - Redecilla del Camino. Overcast am, Sunny & Hot (caliente) pm. Saw the two live chickens at the Domingo de la Calzada Cathedral (related to a fable). I've been eating Tortilla Patata every morning. The landscape here is much flatter. In the valley of Rioja, vinyards are as far as the eye can see and the same can be said about grains and cereals fields grown on the rolling hills. The is an abundance of red poppies growing everywhere, just like a Monet painting. At times I do feel like I am moving inside a painting.

The Spanish people and pilgrims from all corners of the earth are extremely freindly. Many walkers are afflicted with blisters, not always very nice to see, even if I am a nurse. I have been spared so far. There is a very strong fraternity among the pilgrims, even if we don't always understand the languages. It much more of a spiritual trek than religious, so far anyway. Buen Camino!

Day 7- June 5- 30,7 km - Logronos - Najera - 30,7 km , Sunny T- 3o+ C


  1. Salut Alvin,
    Juste un petit bonjour pour t'encourager et te souhaiter un bon voyage. Quelle aventure tu entreprends ! A bientôt sur ton blog.

  2. I just caught up with your adventure - what an exciting event. Sounds like all is going well so far; I'll look forward to hearing more.
    May you have a safe journey -